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Nuclear Power for Clean Air

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Governments provide clean water, let them also provide us with clean air!

The issue of air pollution is the most important issue in the modern world, far more lethal than terrorism or war. As 7 million people, in both the rich and the poor world, die prematurely from air pollution each year, we and past generations are still failing to deal with this serious issue. We should have abandoned coal power in favour of nuclear power decades ago, yet we persist in using fossil fuels that pollute our environment. Only nuclear power can enable modern levels of consumption while producing no significant pollution. We have only one atmosphere and we all depend on it. 

This petition supports nuclear power as a clean, safe energy source and recognizes that nuclear power is necessary and desirable to provide clean air. The world needs more nuclear power plants, and they are environmentally virtuous enough to deserve public subsidy. Whether they are built with private or public funds, we need more reactors now! We do not need 'safer' reactors, there is no significant problems caused by spent fuel, and the issue is urgent enough to require action now! The issue of air pollution is one that affects us in all countries, on the Left and on the Right, climate-change believers and climate-change skeptics - we are all breathing the same atmosphere and want to breathe clean air!

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