Stop the hidden exploitation of home-based Medical Transcriptionists in MT Services (MTSO)

One of the biggest things that needs to be done in my opinion is challenging them on their independent contractor status legality. I am about to file a complaint on a company I worked for for a few months. They demanded that I only work on xx account and not yy account along with all other kinds of demands that do not align well with independent contractor status. Many of them are "ruling" as if they were employers with demands on what types of work "we must do", what kind of work they don't want us doing, when we should do the work, demanding that we do jobs that pay $4.00 an hour ultimately, etc. There are certain rules that must be followed in order to maintain the independent contractor status via the IRS and state and federal regulations and I don't think many of them meet these.

Most of them are offering wages equivalent to $8-12 an hour at best, and below $3-5 an hour at worst, and this is before SSI and taxes are paid. These are not legal wages and they try to avoid any responsibility by having us sign "independent contractor" agreements, which, by the way, mean absolutely nothing in the eyes of the law if they do not meet the standard and actually are acting as "employers".

I wish everyone good luck because too many people just bite the bullet and bury their heads in the sand. I think legal challenges to IC status may be a good way to start.

I would also like to demand to know what the MTSO is being paid for the work I do for them. We should all have access to that knowledge so we can see exactly what they are making.

Is Nuance and Aquity control over IC's work legal? another question. I was supposedly "cut off of work" by Nuance for literally 1 critical error (a lab value that had a period in the middle I didn't see). Aquity has a 2 error limit. How legal is this in terms of IC status? And guess who pays the penalty if this voids the IC status? The employer, not Nuance or Aquity.

How about the contracts that say they will deduct $$ for errors? Can't be legal for IC status at all.

Assigning jobs to individuals is actually illegal under IC status. We have the right to choose what work we will do and won't do. Cherry picking is an old term no longer applicable. We certainly have the right to refuse to do an ESL who takes 3-4 minutes per dictated minute or a slurrer or whatever we choose to refuse, yet our jobs are in jeopardy if we complain or refuse.

I personally have stopped doing jobs that I am not being paid well for and if I get let go, well, I will just have to file a complaint and see what happens. In my situation, they are paying 80 cents a report with numerous, and i mean numerous 3-6 minute jobs and some 7-12 minute jobs. Not even per minute. Not doing it. Not working for $1.60 to $3.20 an hour, sorry.

just my opinion, Denver, CO, United States
1 year ago
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