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On 13th May 2018 at 1:30 pm, around 60,000 law aspirants reached their allocated centres across the country to write the Common Law Admission Test in hopes of making it to the top national law colleges in India and I am one of them. At 5pm, as the students walked out of their centres, all parents could see were extremely disappointed and emotional faces.


Countless mocks. Hours of practice every week. Regular CLAT coaching classes. A minimum of 2 years of preparation. All gone to waste because of ‘technical issues.’


The new exam interface was introduced less than a month ago. During the exam students realized that is was not even user friendly to begin with.

Everyone faced some or the other problem with their computer. For one the exam wouldn’t begin, for another their answer would not be selected. The problems students faced included:

·      The exam itself starting late.

·      A lag in the selection of answers and moving on to the next question.

·      An already answered question repeating itself with the same marked answer later on in the paper and the exam not being submitted for a long time.

·      Few students lost 5 minutes, few lost 25.

·      The invigilators at the centres were also unable to help all the students.


For an exam like CLAT, time is crucial. The problem grew when students started panicking. In the amount of stress that they were already in, a technical issue sent almost everyone in a frenzy. Students who were able to attempt the exam smoothly also got distracted because of the chaos in the centre.


Is this the type of environment that the students who have put all their time effort and energy for two or more years, deserve?