CLAT 2018 - Maladministration and incompetence.

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The CLAT -2018 which was held on 13 may having maximum technical glitches.The paper start with a fuss as we clicked on start a screen appeared with computerised languages (having brackets,  commas and some other signs )when we called out for invigilator to tackle the problem they weren't serious about it and making fun of it.During all this we lost 

As we restarted the system and paper appeared but the time  of 10 minutes was already deducted from the total time and we were instructed that we will get lost  time but nothing that happened .During the paper electricity went off 2 to 3 times by this also we lost our time. 

The sitting arrangement was not proper we were supposed to sit anywhere without following seat numbers ,the invigilator was not in the room and some students taking advantage of it and discussing about the paper . The invigilators were reckless and negligent in their part.

All this menance benefited some students by having extra time and some didn't get even the actual time .

All this misconduct and maladministration created anxiety and baffled up. 

The authorised department should take steps to provide justice and equality to the students.


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