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NTV: Broadcast the Report on Mass Abductions and Human Rights Violations in Chechnya!

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On October 30, 2011, Russian TV company "NTV", cancelled the broadcast of a report about human rights violations in Chechnya that was supposed to be shown within "Tsentralnoe Televidenie" program.
According to NTV spokespeople, the report was taken down, because it had to go through additional editions.

However, journalists who produced the report as well as the human rights defenders in Russia claim that the reason is solely political.
The report was taken off the TV, because it was covering a story of a young man Islam Umarpashaev, who like thousands of others in Chechnya was abducted, beaten and tortured by the Chechen police and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Chechnya. The report raised concerns over human rights violations in Chechnya as well as how the local authorities present tortured to death male bodies as rebels.

It is simply unacceptable that NTV hides information about such critical situation in Chechnya. Thousands of people go missing there annually, human rights defenders and journalists are being murdered (like Natalya Estemirova) and no one is willing to raise the concerns about that.

Join our campaign and sign the petition to demand NTV to broadcast the report immediately!

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