We are Kenyans and Matatu culture is our business

We are Kenyans and Matatu culture is our business

3 October 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Cheloti Ke

Matatu in Kenya contributes largely to the countries economy. It's one of the leading youth employer in the country. This provides income to the investors, operators and movement to the passengers. In general it is a backbone of our economy.

Over the past recent the harassment has gone over bar for the the operators and investors. The 33seaters commonly known as NGANYAS have been on the line of confrontation with the authorities. For instance even if a 14seater violates the law, the blame is on the NGANYAS. This has seen a time NGANYAS being teargased by police without any prior reason even with passengers on board. This being a job for most of us, we expect respect just like any other workers in the country. The issue of police officers making it a mandate for them to reap from NGANYAS and face arrests even where there is no offence just because we have refused to part with 100bob makes us fall victim of victimization of the non victims. We all should follow the law and NTSA should not make it too strict providing loopholes for other authorities to take advantage of us.

  • For instance, how is graffiti and music part of recklessness or cause of accidents!? Matatu is art, matatu is culture, matatu is an employment sector just like any other. Protect our youth from non understandable terms that has no relationship with safety or care. Matatu as an industry is our Kenyan pride. Let's adore and value it. Matatu is our culture. The African Heritage.

Everytime before the law is passed, we should check on both ends not just from the end of the maker who doesn't know what it takes to be on the road serving citizens. It's our responsibility to guard our jobs and care about others too. Fighting us on the streets and getting us back to our yards without jobs is a simple creation of crimeworld that we don't wanna be part of. The authority should be gentle on us and give us ample working conditions that will be great for us all.





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Signatures: 196Next Goal: 200
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