Staff not paid by anti Social Club owners in Melville, Johannesburg

Staff not paid by anti Social Club owners in Melville, Johannesburg

2 March 2022
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Attached below is the message from the owners sent to the staff whatsapp group. I’m one of their employees and I haven’t been paid. Since November we have been getting short salaries.

Good evening anti social staff.

It is an unfortunate reality that over the last ten weeks the rain has plagued us relentless, specifically Friday, Saturday and Sunday resulting in the turnover not reflecting what is required to keep the shop rolling at a level which can pay all outstanding debts and wages.

It has been a hard decision for the management and owners to find a realistic soloution which will alow anti to keep its doors open and make sure all staff get paid in full for the month of February.

Therefore the following soloution has be decided on. All staff will be paid 50% of there outstanding wages for February on the 2nd of March and any outstanding tips will be paid by the 5th.

The outstanding wages will be paid next week Tuesday in full. This will alow the business to purchase appropriate stock while still paying staff as much as possible.

We apologize for any issues cause but the current weather is out of our control and we hope you all will hold on patently until we can reimburse you for your work done.

We thank you for your understanding and support during this time.

We are still moving forward each day and growing so keep your spirits high and everything will be sorted by next week.

Kind regards
Alex and Cait

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Signatures: 40Next Goal: 50
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