Re-evaluation of JEE Mains Paper - II Drawing Test, Apr - 2019

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As a hard working student, it has always been my dream to go to IIT/SPA/Other prestigious colleges.

My family and I have sacrificed a lot for this, just as thousands of other students in India have.

Starting this year, JEE started conducting 2 exams - the best result of which would be considered for the final evaluation.

Unfortunately, it looks like there's an error in the way NTA has been evaluating the Drawing Test in these examinations.

In January, my results were:

Drawing - 87.82 Percentile

I kept my focus and worked even harder because I knew I was close to achieving my goals, and took my second exam in April and the results were:

Drawing - 23.04 Percentile

Bringing down my rank tremendously and it has devastated my dreams.

I have reasons to believe that there has been an evaluation mistake in my case.

There is no redressal or re-evaluation process from where I can seek help. And I'm sure there are many such students, like me, for whom there must be an evaluation error in the Drawing Test and our future will suffer because of that.

But the NTA said that they CANNOT do anything about it. And unless I can find more people with the same grievance, nothing can be done.

I sincerely urge you to sign the petition in hope that the NTA will reevaluate the Drawing Test for those of us who have undergone such drastic discrepancies.

Also, the Drawing evaluation criteria should be transparent to all and each candidates drawings should be uploaded on the website along with the marks for the student to check. Along with this there should be an reevaluation/redressal process for those who want there marks reevaluated.

It is just wrong for students that there is no accountability for marks allotted in the drawing test, and the student be kept in the dark whether he is evaluated correctly or not.

Please share this with your friends and other students who appeared for the JEE.