Do not postpone JEE and NEET.

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Students who are waiting to appear for JEE and NEET are getting demotivated and Depressed , due to lack of clarity .

The students have been relentlessly preparing for  more than 2 years for these exams, This uncertainty about exam and future course of action is causing too much anxiety and restlessness among students.

All those students who are willing to appear for the exam should be allowed to ,without any further delay. Those who are overly concerned may take a year gap and appear next year . Hardworking and sincere students should not be made to suffer for the lackadaisicial approach of the masses. Any further postponement will lead to a year gap for all the students, which is not acceptable.

No one knows when the situation will improve, so we have to move on with our regular life with adequate precautions. When everything else has started functioning, why can these students not appear for their exams? 

Please make all the necessary precautionary arrangements and conduct the Exams. These students are the future of our country, do not waste their time, energy, and future , by  getting pressurised by politicking groups.