Class Action against NT Government for lack of action & results in addressing youth crime

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Class Action against NT Government for lack of action & results in addressing youth crime

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Ben Kitson started this petition to NT LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY

For too long now we in the NT have had to endure a government that appears complicit in placing the rights of criminals before that of victims.

We’ve had to live our lives planning on when we will have our homes invaded or business robbed. We have to plan to be assaulted in public and live in the mentality of WHEN will I be a victim as opposed to WILL I be a victim.

The silence from the government has been deafening and it’s becoming clear that they have zero intention of even admitting that the problem exists let alone demonstrating any desire to get these issues sorted now.

We’ve already had one victim of crime killed by offenders and alas no consequences have come of it.

Is the NT government waiting for a tragic event similar to what occurred in Kalgoorlie to act? Are they waiting for an angry public to take matters into their own hands and hurt an innocent child?

Our community elders have spoken up, offered assistance and been sidelined or ignored, by the public servants that they voted in to represent them. The spin doctors in parliament have been all talk and no action, and have consistently weakened the powers that Police and families and the Courts possessed.

We are all victims, we’ve had our Business broken into early in the morning.

We’ve had our homes invaded in the middle of the night.

We’ve woken up to strangers standing over us to steal our keys next to us

We’ve been assaulted in our own homes.

We’ve been assaulted in broad daylight whilst getting supplies to feed our families.
We’ve had our cars stolen and vandalised. We’ve all been told that we need to foot the bill after these criminals are caught and prosecuted (that’s if the get prosecuted at all)

But most of all we no longer feel safe anywhere not even in our own homes.

If the NT Government refuses to act, then it’s time that we seek compensation for the financial and psychological trauma that we’ve had to endure.

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This petition had 10,143 supporters

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