Stop the BWS Liqour outlet in Durack NT

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Stop the BWS take away alcohol outlet proposed for Durack Shopping Centre.

This outlet is located 50m from a Child Care Centre as well as being an egress for School Children during after school opening hours. 

The effects on local businesses, and in particularly our local Community Golf Club only 200m away, will have a detrimental effect on existing community based assets and threaten their immediate viability. Palmerston and in particular Durack is already over-supplied with licensed premises with new licences recently granted to Landmark, Celebrations & BWS at Gateway Shopping centre 2 mins away in addition well to the New BWS licence at Bakewell Shopping centre (upon closing of Oasis Shopping Centre outlet). The closure of The Palmerston Sports Club- "The Hub" further supports that Liquor venues are at already saturation point. This corporate owned store offers no benefits to the local community apart from increasing Woolworths profits- at a huge cost to our safety and local community minded businesses battling in a tough NT Economy.

Durack residence passionately oppose this Liquor licence witjin our area which will have foreseeable and predictable damaging effects on our safety and spread further issues with problem drinkers and intinerants around the Golf Course area. Our already drained Police resources do not need further issues in Palmerston as well as a threat to the safety of our Durack families with anti-social behaviour as a result.

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