Lighting the track - Hidden Valley, Darwin

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Hidden Valley Raceway has always been known as a great track to race on and great for spectator viewing.  Being in the tropics, the heat and humidity of the day becomes extremely uncomfortable for those spectators and the competitors.  With most sports moving to night events, racing at the Hidden Valley circuit is suffering as spectators and competitors either swelter through the heat or just simply not show up.  Being a competitor myself, I understand how hot the complex can be and in some instances, this could be seen as a risk to the safety of those involved with the day.

Just after the 2018 Supercars event, the Sports Minister Lauren Moss described the infrastructure as "unjustifiable".  She goes on to say that Lights at Hidden Valley is estimated to cost $21 million and that this is considered unjustifiable taking into account how infrequently they would be used.

These comments stating the lights would be infrequently used highlights how out of touch the government is with the motorsport community and its clubs and what its people are asking for.  If lights were installed at the complex, clubs running race events under lights would become "the norm" and daytime events would be reduced.  Installing lights to allow the track to be used for more hours of the day would also generate more revenue from track hiring fees than what is currently being received.

It can be seen how valuable running at night is if you look at the Speedway, Drag racing or Mud Racing.  The cooler night scheduling encourages more to turn up to these events without having to deal with the baking sun and high humidity.  The government has definitely missed the boat allowing Sydney to host the only night event which no doubt will be a huge success.

So this petition is being started to show the government how much support there really is for lighting the Hidden Valley track and showing them how far their expenditure will actually benefit the wider community.