Ban the sale and use of Prong/Pinch Collars in Northern Territory, Australia

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These collars are cruel, inhumane and unnecessary.

There are kinder and more effective ways to train a dog. The thick metal prongs over time will wear into the dogs skin and eventually become attached as they dig into the dogs skin. As well as physical damage and pain it will also cause psychological damage to the dog. 

They are barbaric and disgusting to use on dogs and there is no reason to use them. They are already banned in some states of Australia and we need to ensure the NT follows.

The dogs don’t understand why they are constantly in pain and some get so attached to the feeling of pain that they panic when the collar is removed or on the filp side they become more reactive (displaying what some label as aggressive behaviour) due to pain.

They are used by outdated dog trainers who will say "if used correctly they do not inflict pain". Dog training has moved on from the dark ages and there are more humane ways to work with dogs.