Democracy for NSW Young Labor Left

Democracy for NSW Young Labor Left

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Why this petition matters

Democracy for NSW Young Labor Left is a democratic, grassroots organisation that has formed with the purpose of reforming NSW Young Labor Left (YLL) to be a democratic and productive organisation.

Our members are dedicated to fighting for a democratic and properly functioning Young Labor Left in NSW. If YLL is going to champion ideas of democracy and fairness we must first live these values. 

Sadly, over the past few years, YLL has not embodied these values. It is clear to everyone that there have been a number of severe breaches of the constitution. In addition, instances of hyper-subfactionalism have seemingly become more important than furthering the cause of democratic socialism and supporting progressive policy within the Australian Labor Party.

For years, NSW Young Labor Left and the NSW Left have been involved in campaigning for improved democracy within NSW Labor. During the course of the COVID-19 pandemic many YLL members jumped at the opportunity to join the campaign calling for attendance at online Branch, FEC, SEC, LGC and Young Labor meetings to be recognised by NSW Labor, while face to face meetings were suspended.

However, the NSW Young Labor Left leadership has demonstrated an almost unbelievable level of hypocrisy by refusing to allow members to meet via Zoom and even cancelling the constitutionally required Annual General Meeting (AGM) in 2020 so that those currently in power weren’t able to be challenged.

Some of the unconstitutional and undemocratic moves we have seen from the current leadership include:

  • Members being consistently, and most likely deliberately, not notified about meetings, which breaches s 6.6 of the YLL NSW Constitution:
    “At least fourteen days notice of a general meeting must be given in writing to all members of Young Labor Left.”
  • Meeting locations were changed less than an hour before the scheduled start.
  • Special General Meetings have been unconstitutionally called without a Secretary or Assistant Secretary and have instead been called by the Senior Young Labor Officer, which breaches s 6.5 of the YLL NSW Constitution:
    “Following the request of twelve members the Secretary, or Assistant-Secretary, are to call the general meeting.”
  • The leadership has also failed to hold a meeting every calendar month, which is a breach of s 6.8 of the YLL NSW Constitution:
    “There will be a general meeting no less than once every calendar month.”.
  • The leadership failed to hold an Annual General Meeting in 2020 which is a breach of s 15.1 of the YLL NSW Constitution:
    “There shall be an Annual General Meeting held once every calendar year on the second weekend of December.”

Frankly, these are the same tactics used by the NSW Right and are clear breaches of the constitution. 

As proud members of Young Labor Left, we would normally have wanted to resolve our issues internally. Sadly, those currently in positions of power have refused to work with us and have moved to silence us at every opportunity.

We are writing this letter because we care deeply about the future of YLL and Democratic Socialism in Australia. Many of us joined YLL because we are sick of the tactics and games that the NSW Right use to control Young Labor and push their right wing agenda. It is truly disappointing to see YLL use these same tactics and have a blatant disregard for the YLL rules and core principles of democracy. 

We must be dedicated to making our faction the only truly progressive and democratic organisation in NSW Young Labor.

The NSW Young Labor Left Leadership must come to the table with grassroots members of YLL to find solutions and work towards a better YLL.

Please sign this petition to support the fight for transparency and democracy within NSW Young Labor Left.

8 have signed. Let’s get to 10!