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NSW State Government: increase funding for NET cancer Lutate treatment

Neuroendicrine cancer is a rare cancer with limited treatment options.  One proven treatment option is Lutate.

Lutate treatment can:
- shrink the cancer
- almost eliminate the cancer in some people
- has few side effects
- is an outpatient treatment.

If Lutate is given early in the disease, it can:
- stop the spread of the cancer
- allow people to remain productive
- minimise hospital admissions
- reduce demands on other expensive medical treatments and services.

In SA, WA, Qld and Victoria NET cancer patients are given Lutate as an early treatment option.  Due to funding limits Lutate is only available to NSW patients once they have exhausted all other treatment options and it is often given too late in the progression of the disease.  NSW patients are suffering more than patients in SA, WA, Qld and Victoria and risk dying prematurely because they can not access Lutate early enough in their disease.

It is estimated that $1.7 million would make Lutate treatment available to more than 100 NSW patients. Existing equipment and medical staff can deliver the treatment. No new equipment or staff is needed. St George Hospital and Royal North Shore Hospital are ready to provide Lutate treatment to all NSW neuroendocrine cancer patients.

Funding for the Lutate (lutetium177) is now the only requirement.

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