Allow us to ride our motorcycles on track !

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Thank you for signing our petition. We have been constantly asking the office of sport for an update and the good news is that they were aware of this petition, so this has been heard..We sent an email with our proposal to restart our sport, but unfortunately it did not lead to discussions. Since then, the ban on motorcycle riding was lifted, and there is now a limit of 10 outdoors. The rules aren't super clear yet, but we have resumed our track days with a maximum of 10 on track, observing strict social distancing rules as per the recommendations from the Australian institute of sport framework. Let's see how it goes, come ride with us if you wish, in any case stay safe and remember to observe the social distancing rules so there is no excuse to shut our sport down again. Thank you for your support.

Sydney Supermoto Riders Club
11 months ago