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The residents of the Greenacre Community Resident Lobbying Group objected to DA 384 We had 1000 objectors in a few days and it’s growing. Its next to a scout hall, girl guide hall and children’s park which have existed for up to 50 years. It is on the next block to Banksia road public school and a pre-school where children and their families flood the road daily.

The community which consists of numerous ethic and religious backgrounds does support affordable housing but this is not the right location or model. This week residents pleaded with the Planning Panel for real consultation and for common sense to prevail. Shortly after lobbying State Government last year in relation to this DA the Planning Minister announced reforms to cap the number of units to 12 per site from February this year. This DA is up to 4 times the current recommended size.

Our Local Member Jihad Dib (NSW Shadow Education Minister) gave a speech in NSW parliament and our Mayor Khal Asfour spoke to the Sydney South Planning Panel  to support the resident objections. Mr Jihad Dib is the first Muslim person elected to the NSW Legislative Assembly. He was one of the youngest principals in NSW when he became the recipient of numerous awards including the Inspiration category for NSW at the 2013 Pride of Australia Awards. Some of the states best academic results are currently being achieved in this suburb.

The local Primary School principal also objected to the DA. He told the panel his greatest fear every day was that there would be another motor vehicle accident and that there were near misses all time. There are future redevelopment plans for the school which will bring more traffic onto the road. Parents advised the Panel about the ongoing psychological impact on the community following the tragic loss of 2 children 18 months ago.

A misleading report was lodged by the developer including a photo with no traffic on this busy main state road. The RMS advised they were not aware of many facts when giving concurrence. Local Planning & the the Panel dismissed requests to refer the communities response to the report (including unreported incidents) back to the RMS to review. This was despite the State Government and the RMS advising they would review them.

No law enforcement agency was consulted by anyone after a year of lobbying for it. Residents took the unprecedented step of contacting state and federal government agencies themselves. No one manager can have the skills sets or hours in the day to crowd/noise control or do police/child protection checks for 96 residents and their guests. No job description has been even contemplated.

The privacy and “green” serenity of numerous homes in the area will be lost as the bulky units (65 sqm long x 40 sqm wide) and a over 100 sqm outdoor living area converges and imposes on numerous (7) fence lines, with no privacy screens. This property does not fit in with the surrounding streetscape of mainly single family dwellings. The local social and transport infrastructure will not support this cohort. The character and amenity of this low-density residential family area will be irrevocably changed.

Premier we have written to you numerous times requesting your direct intervention. We want this matter investigated

Please accept this petition and act now Investigate this and put a STOP to DA 384/2018. 

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