Support Oyster Farming in the Georges River

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We’re calling on Gladys to get it done and show support for oyster farming in the Georges River by:

-          Immediately reinstating land access to the oyster farm at Woolooware Bay.....imagine for a second trying to move let alone sell oysters without having easy access to a vehicle, have some respect for the right to farm

-          Offer oyster farmers long term leases for a strong and sustainable aquaculture industry that benefits the NSW economy

-          Communicate directly with the oyster farmers, there is no need for commercial property agents or contracted project managers who do not know the purpose or extent of the remediation anyway, after 2 years it's time to finish the supposed remediation

-          Commit to respecting the unique zoning of the area, including the Priority Oyster Aquaculture Area, marine parks in the water and national park next door that’s an important part of the RAMSAR convention

-          Guarantee no removal or destruction of any mangroves

-          Cut through the red tape of multiple state government departments and protect this important oyster farming site, Come on and Get It Done Gladys!


Here’s the background story to our petition, copied directly from a recent post on the Endeavour Oyster facebook page (sorry for all the spelling errors that we can now see!):

“We've been quiet for a very long time but after being denied land access to our farm by RMS again, now need to share our story with you. We are the last oyster farmers on the Georges River in the pristine waters at Woolooware Bay. 2 years ago we were given termination notice by RMS who spoke to us about probity and value for the people of NSW. Well in the last 2 yrs your state government has spent millions on ‘remediating’ a small patch of land thats a designated Priority Oyster Acquaculture Area. Here amongst the mangroves we couldn’t work out why it was so important...then we heard whispers of a marina or dry boat storage or shops. Govt officials did not do their homework, no amount of remediating would stabilise the land here for development and the tides would make moving boats around a jokers game. The water here is a zoned Marine refuge, we are right next to a marina sanctuary. On the land we are next door to national park that is vital to the RAMSA international convention for migratory birds.
After being denied land access again and all work on the supposed remediation ceasing, we're fed up and not afraid to share our story anymore. We want you to know how the state government is spending your taxes and how RMS treats oyster farmers. The Georges River is a beautiful place with the best oysters � We won’t back down to bullies and hope the state govt get serious about supporting the oyster industry.”