Give John Williams of PIDGEE, Binnaway in NSW, back his livestock!

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On the 25th of November, 2019, John Williams awoke to the NSW Stock Squad, NSW Police officers, RSPCA NSW officers and officers from the Department of Primary Industries on his doorstep to seize his 1200 head of cattle from his 5 properties near the township of Binnaway, in NSW. Monday was only the start of this daylight robbery with RSPCA expected to continue to seize the cattle all week. This is happening amidst one of the worst droughts rural Australia has ever seen, it is completely pathetic and in poor taste to take a farmers livelihood and happiness away from him.
John Williams being a seasoned farmer could tell you easily at one point he knew his cattle were struggling with the drought, their property hasn’t seen decent rainfall in over 2 years. After John received a visit from the RSPCA he took a large gamble and purchased a lot of feed for his stock, adamant John could help them, he spent every day, alongside his friends and family feeding out multiple bails of hay and different grain to try and fatten his stock. John then received a second visit from the RSPCA officer who told him the cattle were improving and that it was great. John has purchased $50,000 worth of hay in the week of the 18th of November, alongside his hay he already had on his property as well as trucks full of grain. This lead to hope for the upcoming months, that maybe while he was feeding every day, it might rain and his crops would shoot. In the drought, many Australian farmers are struggling up against the larger offshore companies who own a large portion of Australian farmland.
John has been criticized over his front paddocks being absolutely bare, although what people don’t understand, is that those crops are already sewn and waiting for rain like everyone else in the drought stricken rural NSW. This drought has made it difficult on all of Australia, although Rural NSW is under a lot of pressure. Whilst it is raining on the Central Coast and in Sydney NSW today on the 26th of November, 2019, there is a very large dust storm across the Warrumbungle area where John’s properties reside. John was also scorned for the 200 decaying cattle carcases across his properties, it is within understanding that cattle WILL DIE during a drought and this drought has been going on for over 2 years, there is minimal feed and water, it is hot and exhausting so unfortunately the older of the cows do die, normally John would burn the bodies, which is what he was going to do, expect thanks to the drought, there has been a TOTAL FIRE BAN or bad winds almost EVERYDAY.
On the 25th when the authorities turned up on Johns Property PIDGEE, near Binnaway, they had told him they were seizing all of his 1200 head of cattle off of all of his 5 farms. During this seizure, the RSPCA officers and those who were loading the stock trucks did something extremely silly. During the load, John’s family came to the realisation, RSPCA had taken NEWBORN calves from their mothers and left them in a pen, whilst their mothers drove off in the back of a stock crate. RSPCA had told John’s daughter in-law that she could not touch or go near these calves, as they had been seized, thus meaning these newborn calves were left alone with no feed overnight and for half of the day. RSPCA officers also loaded weaner calves, HEAVILY pregnant cows and bulls all in the same truck with no dividers at all, due to the negligence of RSPCA, John is now expecting a large casualty rate and profit loss.
Australia needs to stand up for our farmers, without them we wouldn’t have food on our tables. Is this any way to treat the people who feed us? To take their livelihood away from them? This seizure only happened because a nosey community member constantly reported John for neglect, due to a person disliking for John. Yes, some of the older cattle were struggling, the same way older humans do. Do we shoot them? No. If John doesn’t get his cattle back, he will lose his properties and they are his life. Please help John and sign this petition to stand up against this clear DAYLIGHT ROBBERY.