Stop NSW Police victim blaming and stating a "females safety is her sole responsibility"

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Content/Trigger Warning: Sexual assault, victim-blaming, domestic violence, rape.

On the 1st of August at 4:23 pm the NSW Police Force Facebook page posted the following status: 

"All the single ladies,
(All the single ladies),
Now put your hands up,

Up on your phone, surfing apps alone,
Doing your own little thing,
You’ve decided to swipe, have a super like,
Now someone’s asking to meet,
Keep yourself safe (safe),
Tell a friend your meeting place (place),
‘Cause it’s only worth it if you’re okay,
You can't be playing with safety"

How can the NSW Police Force expect victims of sexual assault to come forward and identify an incident to a Police Force that continually victim-blames women?

Why is it the sole responsibility of a women to uphold their personal safety?

Has the NSW Police Force learnt nothing from their Victorian counterparts in the recent media coverage of Melbourne comedian Eurydice Dixon?

As a white male who has far too often had to witness the emphasis of women being responsible for their safety I have had enough. There is nothing remotely funny in taking a Beyoncé song and turning it into a domestic violence commentary piece that victim blames women yet again.  

White Ribbons recent statistics highlight the systemic issues in Australia on sexual assault and domestic violence.

The mission of the NSW Police Force, as set out in the Police Act 1990, is to work with the community to reduce violence, crime and fear. How does this Facebook post uphold any aspect of that mission?

Stand with me to send the message to the NSW Police Force that this attitude is not acceptable, nor will it ever be acceptable to victim blame.