Fire the two racist NSW Police officers who racially harassed the two Afghani ladies

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As a Muslim Australian, a New South Welshman, a Western-Sydneysider, and a migrant, I was appalled by the blatant racism, bigotry, and lack of professionalism of those two police officers.

The way those two ladies were hassled, disrespected, threatened of being thrown in gaol with false accusations, and threatened with detention or deportation is appalling. Those two officers do NOT belong in the NSW Police Force, and should NOT remain in the NSW Police Force's employ. 

The way the two ladies were reminded of their national origin and that they would have been killed by their police in a similar stop, or the way they were traumatised by threatening them to be sent back home, is unacceptable. 

No disciplinary action less than dismissal will be a deterrent for this behaviour being repeated again by other members of the NSWPF. Not even demotion or transfer to a desk job.

The Western Sydney community is largely and chiefly a law abiding community with a lots of families from all walks of life. The Western Sydney community has always been urged to integrate and cooperate with law enforcement by governments (state and federal). 

I believe this incident will cause the public to lose confidence in its police force. I will never feel the same again when I am stopped randomly for a RBT. I fear for my own, my families, and everyone's safety. 

Let's restore the public's faith in our police force. Those two officers should be dismissed (and rightfully so) so it serves many purposes, it restores the public faith in the justice, it reminds every public servant that this is unacceptable, and it deters that behaviour across the board.

Please sign and share this petition if you believe that justice has to be served, and that bigotry has NO place in law enforcement. Please sign if you believe in Fair Go.