A woman needs to feel safe

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On 22nd March last year he got drunk and did unthinkable things to these poor animals.. Billie -jo said "He brutally beat and tortured the dogs before cutting their throats my dog Darby, his head was barley attached and he near skinned Chesters neck while trying to cut his throat and the same to Ella and my cat Missy well he bashed her head up against the bullbar" ... The Glen Innes Examiner newspaper reported the following... Wright admitted killing her three dogs and a cat with “aggravated cruelty” by swinging them against hard objects. In the case of the cat, he swung it by the tail against a car so hard that the tail was dislodged from the spine.
Mr Holmes said the sentence of 12 months for aggravated cruelty had been reduced by a quarter because of Wright’s guilty pleas.
“I have no other option but to send you to jail”, said the magistrate. He said it was a ”horrible event and the actions were of a deliberate nature”.

HE IS NOW OUT OF JAIL!! BUT this is not the problem...THE PROBLEM IS .... Billie-Jo can not extend her AVO as the NSW Police will not do the paper work!!! Sign this petition so we can shout from the roof tops that this is not good enough...