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To stop the energy rip off

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Corrupt actions of former and current politicians Baird as premier and Roberts as Energy Minister brought in 1/07/2016 amendments for sole benefits of politicians and energy retailers step 1 was increase cost step 2 sack all experience meter readers and replace with private contractor skill tech step 3 to amend law allowing credits or refund when overcharged to be cancelled. The results of the 3 steps were as follows retail prices Skyrocketed the skill tech meter readers were found to be totally incompetent resulting in thousands of meters being re-read by previous experience meter readers this resulted in astromical increase in meter reading cost to be bourne by consumers a stark example of this is in my case. August 2015 my quartley invoice was $622.00 because skill tech incompetent readers of my meter in August 2016 exploded to $1085.00 my February 2016 invoice was $635.00 my February 2017 invoice exploded to $1123.00 I am sure that I am no one special so which above facts many more NSW consumers would be in similar position. EWON ENERGY AND WATER OMBUSDMAN there are 3 choices of complaint about astromical power bills first Ewon my investigation into Ewon clearly state they are a private registered company fully funded and controlled by energy wholesalers and energy wholesalers and energy retailers so their fore cannot be independent or an ombudsman the energy industry and the state politicians are acting frequently in their claims about Ewon to prove this point I have written statement from I.C.A.C who clearly state they cannot investigate Ewon because they are a private registered company the other 2 choices of complaint is to premier or Energy Minister who I have complain on 6 occasions to date receive a reply but you have to expect this response as they treat all people of NSW as mushroom if they can’t dazzle us with brilliance they bury us in bullshit. ESSENTIAL ENGERY this company is a complete force I have been dealing with a Ms Jenna Wood her first comment to me was I am on your side trust me she is a wasted politician after investigating my August invoice she state by phone and in writing that my readings were inflated by at least 14KWH per day this was cause skill tech meter reader incompetent readings this period because I had another meter read done extended to 143 day period this cost me the following 14 KWH per x 143 Days totalled 2002 KWH she admits I did not use but was charged for when I mention refund or credits she stated this in impossible because the Baird/Roberts Government put in law amendments they are not responsible for incompetent meter readings supplied by skill Tech for overcharging. I wonder how this affects current fair trading Laws and if it mow makes Fair Trading Laws obsolete Ms Wood also stated to they had meter reading problems with Skill Tech staff fixed by October 2016 but my February 2017 meter read jump to 49.4 KWH per day when my historical usage by Ms Wood was 24 KWH per day and my records which clearly state less than 16 KWH per day if anyone has the unfortunate help of essential energy all I can say is good luck and if you encounter Ms Jenna Wood run for your life. RETAILERS I am currently using Click Energy I will start with what they are being charged by retailer Essential Energy I am under 3 stage plan Off Peak and my payment for Bairds sales of poles and wires. STAGE 1 Essential charge Click 10 cents KWH Click charge to me 27 cents KWH a mark up to 170% STAGE 2 Essential charge to Click 10cents KWH Click charge to me 26 cents KWH mark up 160% STAGE 3  Essential charge to Click 9 cents KWH Click Charge to 25 cents KWH mark up 160% off peak essential charge to Click is 4.8 cents PWH Click charges to me is 17.8 cents KWH mark up of 130% cost of investment for Bairds 16 Billion dollar lease to consortium that leased poles and wires for 99 years my charges from essential is 77 cents per day Click charges to me is $1.54 Per Day a 100% mark up my question is did retailers also give NSW Government 16 Billion Dollars or are they with politicians approval openly stealing from us. Also, what do retailers do for their astromical charges they do not generate power they do not supply power they do no maintain power thru power and poles they do not Ewon read meters all they do is to issue an inflated invoice every quarter they are just a billing service that give politicians astromical amounts in donations every year ACTIONS NEEDED TO CREATE CHANGES (1) Ewon needs to be sacked and all past and present employees never be employed as public servants again

(2) Present premier and Energy minister needs to investigate Bairds and Roberts roll in 1/07/2016 legitimation and to mandate charges by retailers which should resign post haste. (3) Wholesalers such as Essential should be put back into public service because as of now Baird/Roberts put them in as private company they are not public servants as state Government pretends and tell essential energy workers they are no longer public servants because they think they are again I have proof of this by I.C.A.C stating to me in writing they cannot investigate essential because they are a private company.(4) The big four or Five retailers act as a cartel and dictate prices and discounts others can charge and they are the largest donators to political parties recently A.G.L was fined 300K for donating 76K to political parties corruptly but the judgement did not say whether political parties disclosed said illegal donations.

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