Do you feel safe at work? This could save your life !! NSW follow QLD's safework laws....

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Around 200 people die at work every year in Australia !! My adored 19 year old son was one of them. He was killed at his workplace due to regularly being exposed to numerous, unnecessary risks by his employers unsafe work practices. My sons employer was found to have many serious safety breaches and put profit before safety. After nearly four years of added trauma, finally, my son's employer has been convicted of negligence and received a measly $375,000 fine which is actually at the higher end for this type of criminal act. This company have benefited financially from my son and the cutting of corners for many years and have capacity to pay. The maximum penalty for the offence is a fine of $1.5 million but judges NEVER impose fines anywhere near this amount and no-one can explain why ( it feels like a sick joke).....We want judges to impose fines higher in monetary value to utilize  this scope of maximum $1.5 million, to reflect current economic and social standards in serious cases were companies blatantly put their employees at risk and cause the premature death of their employees ......We also want NSW  to follow QLD and implement jail terms for criminal industrial manslaughter for employers who recklessly kill their workers.....We also want increased awareness and protection from unfair repercussions for staff who speak up about a companies unsafe work practices. Every worker has a right to not be put at unnecessary risk, and come home to their loved ones after work...It cant help my son or the many thousands of honest hard working Aussies who never came home, but the higher fines and risk of imprisonment will act as a greater deter-ant to employers and motivate them to keep their employees  as safe as possible, therefore adding protection to the community (the ongoing trauma to families and friends of the victim affects the whole community)....Please ask yourself and your loved one's,.... "do you feel safe at work"?

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