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Calling for a Parliamentary Enquiry into the Coaching College industry

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The Coaching College Industry in Sydney is a multi-million dollar industry, with countless students signing up to unregulated classes and courses. In some cases, there is little information about the courses which they are paying for, how they will be taught and the qualifications of the tutors. 

As someone who has attended, and heard of the stories of those who have been to coaching colleges, while some are operating in a professional, well organised manner, I have seen and heard of far too many coaching colleges which fail to adequately educate students, or fail to give them proper value for money.

Currently, there are too many unknowns within the industry. We don't know the impacts which it has on student wellbeing. We don't know whether or not students are being taught by educated tutors. We don't know if it is contributing to rising inequality in the selective school system. And we don't know how many coaching colleges there are, and the issues it may be masking within our education system. This is because coaching colleges lack transparency, lack regulation and lack accountability.

A parliamentary enquiry into the coaching college industry is essential in finding solutions to three major questions:

  1. Do coaching colleges perpetuate systemic educational inequality in the public system?
  2. What impact is the coaching college industry having on schools?
  3. What regulations need to be put in place to ensure that coaching colleges have accountability?

An unregulated industry making millions of dollars should be subject to such a review, and I strongly believe that systemic inequality, schooling impacts and lacking of accountability will only become worse if the government does not step in to act.

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