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One Mobile Food Vendor Permit for all council regions

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Mobile food vendors are currently the in thing, everyone flocks to a food truck, trailer or pop-up wherever they are. 

As a mobile food vendor it is difficult having to apply and pay for a Temporary Food Permit (TFP) to trade within each council region. Some councils will make you apply and pay for a TFP for every event.

Event organizers also require a NSW Food Authority (NSWFA) Notification Number. When you speak to the NSWFA they say that because you are a considered a retail food outlet, it is your local council (where your park your trailer, van or truck) that provides the notification number, then when you speak with your local council they say that you need to get the Notification Number from the NSWFA. I have given up trying to get one.

The councils also often make it compulsory for an food safety inspection by their health inspectors at every event. Even if you have just been inspected and deemed satisfactory by a different council, you will not be accepted into the event if you do not agree to the inspections. If you are fortunate enough to be doing events within multiple council regions it really can become quite expensive and cost prohibitive. 

All councils follow the same food safety guidelines; Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code (FSANZ), Food Act 2003 (NSW), Food Regulation 2015

What I am proposing is a streamlined process

  1. A statewide registration/permit to trade within any council region. 
  2. A simple notification form to be filled out and submitted with your latest Food Safety Inspection your other relevant documents advising the council of your intent to trade at an event within their council region.
  3. If the vendors latest inspection is either beyond a specified time (6 months) or it was deemed unsatisfactory the council has the right to inspect and charge a fee for the inspection.

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