To keep the bush the way it was. Free of charge for camping.

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My family and friends have camped all our lives, there is about 30 of us that go each and every year, multiple times. That was up until the other day when it all changed. Now when you go camping you are expected to book, pay $6 a night to stay for a maximum of 7 days. Only six of you can be in one spot and only one car is allowed. Majority of the people that drive down the river, drive utes. Tell me how we are expected to fit 6 people in a two seater ute?
We are expected to pay to stay there when we use our own facilities, there are no toilets or showers and we take our own rubbish away. What exactly are we paying for?
Locals have done this all their lives. My family have done this all our lives. We have family friends that have been coming up here for 30 years and camping in the same spot. Now that possibility may be gone if it is booked out and they are certainly not going to travel from Queensland to only stay for a week.
It is just another cop out for the government to make revenue.  
For the many years we have been camping we have never had an issue and always kept the bush clean and now we are expected to pay for something that was part of our freedom. We want the national parks to change camping back to how it was, who’s with me?