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NSW Minister for Health Jillian Skinner: Protect nurses and don’t leave nurses suicidal – End toxic bullying at Broken Hill Hospital before it’s too late!

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One nurse was suicidal. I had my life, my family and my home threatened. The threats to me and my family continued for a three year period. I was never supported by senior management. Instead they gave the perpetrator making my life 'hell' a position in the very department I used to work in. This same person was given my personal details by senior management whilst I was still an employee of the Broken Hill Health Service.

Never mind the  Zero Tolerance to Violence Policy.

Staff member turning up to work intoxicated under the influence of alcohol. I am mandated by a Code of Conduct to report this behaviour. I report this behaviour to senior management and nothing is done. In fact the same staff member presents back into the work place on two further occasions under the influence of alcohol.

Never mind the NSW Code of Conduct.

A known sex offender has his picture in the Far West Local Health Newsletter sitting in the administration building in front of a hospital computer. Nurses are required to undertake  a police check every twelve months to maintain their nursing registration.

Staff members making vexatious allegations against other staff members. Innocent staff having to prove their innocence and not being afforded procedural fairness. In fact the very policies the nurses adhere to are used against them.

Never mind the NSW Code of Conduct.

I was forced to resign from a job that I had worked very hard for and to move interstate to escape the years of 'hell' - Years of torment at work has led to serious health issues and have been impacted on nursing colleagues also. Yet the bullies at Broken Hill Hospital who made my life and the lives of my colleagues 'hell' are still holding their positions in power. My case isn’t isolated. In fact the bullying incidents at Broken Hill Health Service are rife and public knowledge - Yet nothing is being done.

NSW Ministry of Health were given evidence of bullying at the Broken Hill Health Service in 2012 and nothing has changed in 2015. Nurses still afraid to 'speak up' for fear of losing their jobs and income. Nurses have lost faith in the management at the Broken Hill Health Service.

When my former colleague told me she had considered taking her own life because of the bullying that happened to her - that was enough for me to take a stance against this type of behaviour in the work place. There was meant to be an 'investigation', but no bullying victims were even interviewed. The Board of directors won't release all of the findings of its own investigation. Why not? It feels like senior management and the NSW Minister of Health Jillian Skinner are just trying to sweep this under the carpet. Several board members were aware of issues and they did not act in the interest of nursing concerns.

This issue will not go away until the bullies are stopped. I have lost everything - my home of twenty four years, a job that I had worked very hard for, but more importantly my family. This whole situation has had a major impact not only on me but my family, friends and nursing colleagues. I had to leave because senior management at the Broken Hill Health Service did not support and enabled an unsafe environment for me and my family. I will not let future nurses suffer in the hands of this senior toxic management.

NSW Minister for Health Jillian Skinner - urgently intervene & hold the perpetrators of workplace bullying at Broken Hill Hospital accountable!

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