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NSW Minister for Education, Adrian Piccoli: We request that you establish a Council independent of the Board of Studies to oversee Home Education in NSW

The NSW Board of Studies currently oversees Home Education in NSW. With already the most stringent requirements in Australia, the Board is further tightening the requirements for Home educators (Home Schoolers) that will severely limit the freedom of parents to educate their children in the method the parents deem most conducive to the particular needs and interests of their children. Although the Education Act gives parents the right to educate their children away from school, the Board of Studies is forcing parents to adopt a "school at home" approach that can squash a child's enthusiasm for learning and natural desire to make sense of the world around them. An unintended consequence of the changes is that more onerous reporting will mean that more parents will simply fly "under the radar" by not registering at all.

We request that the Department of Education establish a separate body comprising Home Educators, teachers and psychologists to oversee all Home Education in NSW, thus removing the responsibility for Home Education from the Board of Studies and placing it in the hands of a board or council that are committed to supporting quality, innovative learning in a home environment.

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