NSW Health employee's Corruption - Wasting tax payers money on cruise party on working day

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Accepting gifts, entertainment party or tickets from supplier from current supplier

Accordingl to the Conflicts of Interest and Gifts and Benefits policy directive Staff are expected to perform duties in a fair and unbiased way and not to make decisions which are affected by self-interest or personal gain; this involves avoiding actual or perceived conflicts of interest and not accepting gifts of a non-token nature.

It is confirmed on 30th November 2018. Employee benefits team (7 staff including director) attended Cruise party from Lease Plus group, who are currently providing leasing services to HealthShare & eHealth NSW and other NSW Health agencies as well. There is proven intention to buy Salary packaging software from this company. LeasePLUS. According to the policy if there is a intention of buying anything from the current or future supplier, you must not take any gifts from them as it is a well-defined bribery. In this case, there is a clear intention to buy software from LeasePLUS and keeping this company as HealthShare’s lease providers. The Supplier have hosted a cruise party with unlimited alcohol and food for the team to indulge and to ensure that they are the preferred providers in the tendering process for both services. It’s a clear conflict of interest and all involed in this must be sacked to set right example for the govt employees. 

Moreover, everyone in employee benefits team “Work from home” in the morning” and leave home at 10 am to attend the cruise at lunch time in the city. That’s 7 Health Manager’s full day salary used for the entertainment purposes and it valued at almost $5000- $7000 which was paid from tax payer’s monies. 

Gift were costed approximately $1000 and above. Photos and videos were uploaded on social media and know to many staffs in NSW Health. 

Here is the link for Policy directive for conflicts of interest and gifts and benefits.

This is waste of tax payers money, abuse of power and breach of NSW Health Code of Conduct. To set the right example for all govt employees all involved must be sacked immediately. 


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