Consistency and fair access for birthing women and their partners surrounding birth.

Consistency and fair access for birthing women and their partners surrounding birth.

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Started by Niki Moodie

As it currently stands in NSW, each hospital operates under a different set of guidelines and restrictions for birthing mothers and their partners. 

In some hospitals, birth partners are only able to be present in the birth suite once the mother is in active labour; if the mother is assessed and deemed to not be in active labour they will remain in the Maternity Assessment Day Unit alone, until in active labour.  
Partners must leave four hours after baby is born, not permitted on the antenatal or postnatal wards, or in the maternal assessment unit. 

This means new mothers are left alone with their new baby with only the support of the midwife on duty, who is often caring for up to eight other new mothers alone.

Partners can not be present to spend time bonding with their new baby, supporting the mother physically and emotionally during arguably one of the most exhausting and overwhelming times of a new mother’s life. Despite being allowed inside the hospital, they are not allowed into the birth ward alongside their partner.

Women need the option to have their partners present for the entirety of their birth, including in the hours and days afterward while they are learning to be a mother and dealing with a multitude of emotions. 

Partners deserve to be able to be present in those early hours and days of their child’s life. 

We want to see consistency across all NSW hospitals so mothers know what to expect and can mentally prepare for what their birth experience will look like, more transparency with what will take place, and birth partners to be allowed in the birth ward to support new mothers, especially those that need to stay for extended periods of time. 

8,017 have signed. Let’s get to 10,000!