NSW Government - Stop the Slaughter of the Snowy Mountains Brumbies!

I’m sure I don’t need to highlight the national symbolism of the Australian Brumby in particular those the roam the high country and have done for over 180 years they were immortalised in The Man From Snowy River, they helped us to build (and defend) the nation we call home, they carried us through wars and are the last symbolism of freedom in Australia. However, there are a minority in this country with extreme views that they should be eradicated from the Kosciusko National Park (KNP) by all means necessary including helicopter culling these groups are headed mainly by the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) and are supported by the ALP, the Greens, the Colong Foundation, the ANU, Fenner School and the Wilderness society and various national parks associations (ACT, NSW and VIC). I don’t need to remind you of the (very justified) public outcry of the events in 2000 in the Guy Fawkes National Park, when the NPWS under the Australian Labour Party (ALP) at the time butchered 600+ horses (and at the behest of the Colong Foundation in particular whose patrons have been and are Neville Wran and Bob Carr). Sickening footage of this event can be located easily on the internet, showing horses with their teeth blown out, mares shot dead while foaling and other horses with bullet riddle bodies, it was nothing less than a massacre and an event of international embarrassment and disgrace at the time when Australia had just again immortalised the Man From Snowy River and the Brumbies to an international audience at the Sydney 2000 Olympics. These wild horses are now an essential part of the ecosystem of the high country, they are not predators and have little to no negative environmental impacts as opposed to the wild dog and pig populations of which seem to get little attention from the NPWS. They have become a massive tourist attraction for those from the city and internationally that watched movies such as the Man from Snowy River and read books such as the silver brumby series when they were kids. We hold Banjo Patterson in the highest regard in this country for his literary work and skills in putting into poetry the world he lived in and the places he saw. It’s a shame we don’t hold such places and iconic symbols in the same regard to protect the culture of European Australia, as I fear in years to come all that the great achievements of the settlers of this country and the horses that took them there will be completely forgotten and a way of life reduced to another poem in a library or a video on “youtube” to show the next generation what it was once like.  Please help stop this disastrous program and allow the brumbies to live, it’s now our turn to protect them, as they carried on their backs 3 generations of proud Australians during 3 different wars and built this nation we love, don’t allow them to be sent to slaughter because of some extreme left green views, stand up for what is Australian and the brumby is certainly that, before we lose the little things we have left that tie us to those that were here before us.  
This petition will be delivered to:
  • National Parks and Wildlife Service
  • NSW State Government
  • National Parks and Wildlife Service - Protect the Snowies
  • National Party
    John Barilaro
  • NSW Liberal Party Attorny General
    Mark Speakman
  • Federal Labour MP
    Mike Kelly
  • One Nation
    Brian Burston
  • NSW MP
    Animal Justice Party
  • NSW MP Albury (LIB)
    Greg Aplin
  • NSW Nationals
    NSW Nationals
  • Deputy Premier
    Troy Grant
  • NSW MP
    Paul Toole
  • NSW MP
    Stuart Ayres
  • NSW MP
    Kevin Anderson
  • NSW Premier
    Gladys Berejiklian
  • NSW MP Shooters and Fishers Party
    Robert Borsak
  • NSW MP Shooters and Fishers Party
    Robert Brown
  • Opposition Leader
    Luke Foley
  • NSW MP
    Thomas George
  • Minister for the Environment, Local Government and Heritage
    The Hon Gabrielle Upton MP

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