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NSW Government: Stop Coal Seam Gas Drilling on the North Coast of New South Wales!

The CSG industry is being allowed to storm through sensitive farming areas of New South Wales without adequate protection of the environment, or respect for the rights of farmers using those lands.
Coal seam gas is not a good transitional fuel as leakages of methane mean it is no less polluting than coal, and in fact causes more environmental impact because of the potential damage to our groundwater.
The extraction involved drawing huge amounts of water out of the coal seam, which was contaminated with salts as well as toxic and radioactive chemicals.
There is not yet any safe way of disposing of this enormous volume of water without contaminating our precious land and resources.
CSG mining also risks a range of direct and indirect health impacts including cancer and heart, kidney, lung and neurological problems.

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  • Member of the Legislative Assembly
    Mr Christopher Gulaptis, MP
  • Premier, and Minister for Western Sydney
    Hon. Barry O'Farrell, MP
  • Minister for Resources and Energy
    Chris Hartcher MP
  • Deputy Speaker Lismore MP
    Thomas George

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