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An article of support from Professor Jennifer Taylor

Simon Chan
Sydney, Australia

Jan 31, 2013 — Cities are not inert objects that can be dissected at will – they are the repositories of the history of the ideals and aspirations of the people who built them and the inheritance of those who follow.

The great cities of the world are enriched by the fruits of layers of history - Sydney can be a great city, but it will not be if it continues to be robbed ofthe buildings that tell its stories. The inner city cultural precinct of Darling Harbour was born of a time for Sydney of economic buoyancy and optimism and the major public buildings of the Exhibition Centre and the Convention Centre are representational of that time and a part of the weave in both the fabric and story of the city. Public buildings speak for the collective, and the loss for the city of the unjustified proposed demolition of two of Sydney’s most significant public buildings of the end of twentieth century, must be realised and such a short-sighted and irresponsible act prevented.


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