Lift Ban on Riding Road Registered Motorcycles During covid 19

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Please Support the Lifting off the Ban that is Currently on Riding Road Registered Motorcycles, Riding is Banned as its not classed as exercise or essential ? Motorcycle riding can be very healthy both physically and mentally for people.

Pushbike Riding is still permitted which holds about 90% of the practices of Riding a motorcycle and im still seeing small groups of them riding around.

Riding solo or with a friend or 2 is a great reliever of stress, helps with Mental Wellbeing and can help with what we are currently going through with the COVID-19 restrictions.

Allowing people to ride their Motorcycle will not add any unwanted populous to common areas and will not affect people any further than what our current restrictions allow.

I see People who are travelling to and from an area for exercise whether it be walking, swimming at the beach, Fishing, Riding a Pushbike or Playing Golf are having to visit shops to obtain supplements or equipment to use when they are exercising which is more than what is required for us to go for a Motorcycle ride legally on the road witch we pay rego and insurance to do, So Riding a Motorcycle for a hour or so can't hurt anymore then all off the above activities. 

As a regular Motorcycle rider, I find that the use of my motorbike makes me feel better each week, also gives me a physical workout and the personal benefits that are gained is way under estimated by a None rider.

We Request that these bans be lifted on Riding Road Registered Motorcycle ASAP