Hose Watering for NSW Elderly People (With Doctor's Consent)

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Many elderly and infirm people are not able to carry watering cans to water their gardens. They may desire to keep their gardens alive in the drought but cannot physically mangage what is required. I suggest, with a doctor's certificate, these people should be able to use hoses, even sprinklers, to keep their gardens alive.

I am 66 years old and can manage two watering cans at once. People over 75 will find even one watering difficult to carry.

In Australia we don't respect or value our older citizens enough, and this would be one way to do so. For many elderly people their gardens aid their mental health and watching their gardens die could be devastating.

If the elderly and infirm gardeners are forced to use watering cans, many gardens around the Sydney area will die. The plants in these gardens give we humans oxygen which is essential to our survival.

A doctor can easily decide if an older gardener hasn't the physical strength to use watering cans, and, with this knowledge can give the patient a certificate so they can water their gardens with a hose or sprinkler, still within the 4 pm to 10 am time interval. Obviously, too, when watering, the older gardeners would need to use a trigger hose fitting.