Fast track a new public school in Edmondson Park

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With the development of housing in Edmondson Park set to increase, there is little capacity for existing schools in the surrounding area to fulfill all enrolments for Edmondson Park as a whole.

Residents have exhausted all options trying to get into the nearest and well performing public schools. Those who are unable to attend these schools are left to commute to Prestons Public School. It is hardly feasible or practical to be travelling such far distances for young children. Parents are having to take time off or forgo working altogether to meet pick up & drop off. 

We call upon the NSW government, NSW Department of Education & Liverpool City Council to fast track the development of a new public primary & high school for the region. 

Without action, many residents are forced into unfavourable work conditions in already stressful housing affordability. Residents are at the point of considering moving out due to a lack of concern & action on this matter.

Public schooling should be easily accessible by all children and the development of Edmondson Park albeit slow, demands for public schools for the future of our young children.