NSW Government, Destination NSW compaign: Remove their ad, "So many fish there's barely enough room for the water"

This Ad is so wrong in so many ways. It spreads such an incorrect message about the state of our oceans. This ad encourages people to fish out our depleted waters even further. This ad is not only factually incorrect, misleading and destructive, but it spreads an old, outdated harmful message that our oceans have abundant life that can be overfished and exploited without consequence.


For more information about the state of marine fish in NSW, see NSW Government's own publication, NSW recreational saltwater fishing guide, 

Quoting this guide, pg 16, "Only catch sufficient fish for your immediate needs. Release all others using best practice catch and release techniques. Remember all fish, including scavengers, are important to the ecosystem. "

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  • Minister for Tourism Major Events Hospitality and Racing Minister for the Arts, NSW Government
    The Hon. George Souris BEc, DipFMgt, FAIM, FCPA MP
  • Shadow Minister for Tourism Major Events Hospitality and Racing
    The Hon. Steve WHAN, MLC

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