Support Accredited Early Childhood Teachers in the Family Day Care sector stay accredited!

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I’m an Accredited Early Childhood Teacher that two years ago became a Family Day Care (FDC) Educator as I believe that this educational model offers the best form of education for young children and their families. I have worked in all sectors of education so I’m saying this from experience.

I was horrified to learn though that I am not recognised as a teacher by NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) if I continue to work as a FDC Educator. I was informed that I would be best to take a leave of absence (for a maximum of five years). It’s due to the Teachers Act only recognising teachers that work in “centre” based education and care settings.

I feel completely undervalued and upset that even though I do a written program, document children’s learning and run my service that is also bound by the National Quality Framework, Standards and regulations like a “centre” based service is that I cannot be an Accredited teacher anymore according to NESA! 

It seems like NESA only recently recognised Early Childhood Teachers (ECT’s) that work in “centre” based care and to our relief validated us by allowing us to be made accredited “Proficient” teachers. That validation for the important work we do as ECT’s was a long time coming!

Sadly, it would seem that ECT’s working in the FDC sector who are dedicated professionals and wish to maintain their accredited teacher status are being discriminated against because they choose to work in FDC and are unfairly not recognised as teachers for the purposes of the accreditation system. 

I know I am not the only ECT to choose FDC for the special and unique service it is, that sees the children and families that don’t cope in the “centre” based services come to us for support.

Please support me and my colleagues that don’t wish to have their years at university wasted by not being accredited as qualified ECT’s under the current NESA system. We are just as hardworking and conscientious and should not be penalised because we choose to work in a FDC setting. A setting that we believe offers far more benefits to children and their families. 

Please sign my petition to let NESA know that this is unfair and that ECT’s working in the FDC sector should be able to be accredited and maintain their accreditation! I’m happy to do professional development at my own expense and provide copies of my program and documentation to support that I do provide an education to young children. I’m just so shocked that I’m not even allowed the opportunity to do so as I’m not considered to be a teacher in the accreditation system! In order to maintain my proficient teacher status under the accreditation system as it stands currently, I must go back to work in a school or a “centre” based service. I will have no choice but to close my business as a FDC Educator (which I’ve invested so much time, effort and money) within the next five years unless this ruling is changed. 

Please sign and share the petition and I thank-you in advance for your support and understanding!