CCTV and surveillance in all special needs classrooms schools and respite centres etc!

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We are calling for cctv surveillance in all special needs classes, schools, and respite centres etc.
Parents of a non verbal child at school have nothing but a communication book to go off everyday if anything.
Teachers respite carers and more are alone with these non verbal and special needs kids daily.
When there is an incident, parents/carers have no idea what's gone on as they can only hear one side of the story. A camera never lies!
Cameras should be 24/7 providing a safe environment for both staff and child or even adults who have special needs also and basically anyone who is non verbal! This is outrageous and something has to be done!

The recent story on Aspect which is an Autism Specific School for eg.
There is debate as to what went on with a student and allegations of a child being caged.
This would not be a debate if surveillance was in place!
This is one of many stories that have been investigated but nobody is able to find out The full story, especially for a child or adult with special needs , and more importantly a non verbal!

Unfortunately We have child predators a plenty in this day and age, what hope in the world do we have if this is happening to our kids and we don't even know about It as they cannot voice this to anybody! 

We are calling for anyone with interest and care for a topic so serious to band together on this. anyone with a voice for these children who can't speak for themselves!
Please sign this petition to get surveillance in classrooms and schools and any other place where a child or adult with special needs is potentially at risk.
A working with children's check means nothing these days, The ones who aren't caught aren't on the radar.
These non verbal children, adults, people with a disability are preyed on by the worst kinds of people daily because they can't speak, they can't fend for themselves and many of them can't even understand or fathom such things. 
We are outraged by the lack of ignorance in this area and believe this has to be changed as soon as possible.
We say enough!
Take a stand for these kids and be their voice!
Protect the children/adults/anyone with special needs and/ or verbal issues such as these, who can't communicate or fend for themselves

Let's do what's right for our special needs people in Australia!
Somebody has to!
It's Time to be the voice these amazing souls do not have!!!

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