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Petitioning Director General, NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure Mr Sam Haddad

Acquire bushland for a fauna corridor at 122 Mona Vale Rd, Warriewood NSW

Proposed residential development at this site will prevent wildlife from moving between two bushland reserves, Katandra Bushland Sanctuary and Ingleside Chase Reserve.

Land clearing, fragmentation of bushland, and urban expansion are major threats to the survival of native species. The reserves above are home to many native animals such as the Swamp Wallaby, the Lyrebird, and endangered species the Eastern Pygmy Possum, the Heath Monitor, the Giant Burrowing Frog, and the Spotted-Tailed Quoll.

Nature reserves must be linked by bushland corridors so native animals can move freely between them to feed, shelter, and to maintain their genetic diversity. In other words: Survive.

We understand that a fauna bridge is likely to be constructed at this point when Mona Vale Rd is widened. The intention of this bridge is to allow passage to fauna between the two reserves, and the bushland at 122 Mona Vale Rd is a vital part of the future corridor.

The only way that this bushland corridor can be secured is to have it in public ownership. We want the Department to cooperate with Pittwater Council in acquiring this small area of land currently in private ownership.


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  • Director General, NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure
    Mr Sam Haddad

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