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To maintain Council’s local planning powers

The NSW Government's Green Paper - A new planning system for NSW proposes changes to planning laws which have major implications for the planning process and both Council and the community’s role in decision making of local developments.

Critical implications of the Green Paper proposals include:
· Councils will have reduced decision making role in developments
· Elected Councillors will have reduced decision making role
· Increased role of planning panels
· Extension of exempt and complying development types will reduce the role of councils in the development process and the ability for the community to provide input into the process.

In accordance with Strathfield Council resolution 7 August 2012, the following petition has been organised for residents’ signatures in support of local planning powers remaining local.

Strathfield Council encourages all local community members with an interest in the planning and development of the Strathfield area to review the Green Paper and provide the NSW Government with comments and/ or sign the petition below.

The State Government’s Green Paper and supporting information is available at with submissions being accepted until 14 September 2012.

This petition was delivered to:
  • NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure
    Mr Brad Hazzard

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