Make Kahoot! the new exams of Australia

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Exams and tests have been causing depression, stress and suicidal jokes for the past 10 years. This has been going on for long enough. It is time to make a stand and make education fun again! Introducing Kahoot! An online quiz platform that makes tests fun, engaging and stress-free! Kahoot! is the answer to all of our problems. This is not only the answer for us but also the answer for future generations to come. Make education fun again. Have Kahoot! replace exams and tests.

Here are the reasons on why Kahoot! should replace exams. Reason 1- Kahoot! Is free to use granted the students have a smartphone, tablet, computer and access to the internet (97% of Aussies has access to the internet) meaning the department of education, aka you, does not have to spend money making said tests. Reason 2- Kahoot! Is online meaning we would cut down on usage of paper, meaning no more trees can lose their lives. Reason 3-  Kahoot! is a great platform for creating a fun, social and game-like environment. Something exams never accomplished. Reason 4- Kahoot! is a quiz platform. Meaning it still acts as a “test” but in a more engaging and fun way. Reason 5- Kahoot! tests the students “Quick time event” ability. Meaning not only do the students have to read questions carefully, but they also must answer quickly or lose points. This is relevant to real-world scenarios as students must complete tasks quickly while also pay attention to customers or other staff in the workplace. Reason 6- Students are guaranteed to stress less while playing Kahoot! creating a mentally healthy environment. Reason 7- It also gives the Australian government a reason to fix our slow internet issue *cough*