We need more funding for children with special needs in schools. We need teachers to be trained in autism and other disabilities.

I have a non verbal , high dependant 7 1/2 Down Syndrome daughter. Children with extra awesomeness. No matter their difficulties or challenges , work , learn and excel when they are supported, taught and challenged by those who understand , and accept those with extra challenges and awesomeness and work with them. All children are different and learn differently . Children in regional areas are more isolated than our metro counterparts, but if government depts change their attitudes and regulations all children in all areas will benifit.
To be a teacher these day I think would be hard enough, but when they are teaching our children that need that extra support , they need to be supported and taught and have a more indepth understanding,so they can in turn support and teach our kids.
These children are our future and deserve the best we can give them.

Michelle Ball, Trangie, Australia
7 years ago
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