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Be the Change you want to see in the World for Today's Youth ...

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Rodney (Goldie) Atkinson the man once known as The Enforcer is a man with a past, something we all have, something that most of us would like to leave their, step away from and move forward especially Rodney, he is a human being who has made mistakes and has paid and is continously paying for them. After 36 years of living a life he never wants to repeat or see anyone else have to experience he now not only wants to but needs to change his life in order to become the person he was always meant to be ; Rodney.

He is the prime candidate for the face of change. He is someone we need in the community to give hope and motivation for not only today's and the future's youth to keep them off the street but for anyone seeking change.

He has the ability to stand up for the youths personal convictions in the face of adversity and help them set and achieve their goals and show them the discipline and respect that today's youth is lacking, he has a chance to be there for these kids and show them the right direction so they don't get lost in a downward spiral of a world like he and many Australians have. He can connect with the young ones and help set them on the right path. His primary goal out of all this is to see no more kids become another statistic and get misguided and go down the wrong Path.

He is determined to be the Change that the world needs to see, by being allowed to be officially registered with Combat Sports Authority NSW he can show the world that anything is possible with patience, determination and persistence and that there is hope and a future even at times when there feels like there is no hope but the difficulty Rodney faces at the moment is that NSW Combat sports won't allow him to register as he has a criminal record in hopes for them to reconsider their decision I have decided to form a petition to see if this is what the community really wants and for the NSW Combat sports to be able to recognise that in certain circumstances some rules and regulations need to be changed.

The system wants us to follow their laws but how is that possible when mistakes were made acknowledged and reprimanded and still is not enough, no one is asking to forget Rodney's history but more forgive him so he can return and have his opportunity to be apart of society and be an admirable member of the community.

Don't let Rodney be another statistic, by signing this petition you are allowing him to not only make a change in his life but many others as well. If we all get together and take 1 minute of our time to sign we can all be apart of the change we wish to see in the World and it all starts with you and your signiture.

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