Stop the closure of the Student Union facilities

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Students at Coach Lane Campus of Northumbria University are facing having their cafe and shop closed, without prior warning, due to a claimed 40% loss in this financial year. Students on this campus already face inequalities when compared to the City Campus, such as less IT facilities, lack of card machines, shorter library hours, and limited social spaces for students to take a break from their studies. 

The closure of these facilities would mean that students could not access quick food between lectures and seminars, there would be even less money from the Student Union being spent on the already disadvantaged students at Coach Lane, and removal of these facilities would allow for even fewer places for students to study and socialise. 

Not only would this have a huge impact on students at the campus, it would have an even bigger impact on the staff who run these facilities. Staff running the shop and the cafe have been giving very little information on the closure of these facilities. Everyone who uses these facilities will agree that the staff are generally lovely people and will always offer you polite conversation and a smile when serving you. It is unfair that these members of staff are facing so much uncertainty because of lack of organisation and lack of intervention to try and prevent the closure of the cafe and shop. Instead, senior members of staff have not asked or answered the question of why the facilities are making such a loss. Students have a lot of ideas as to how the facilities could be improved so that they would be used more but these opinions are not being listened to.

Students at Coach Lane Campus pay the same tuition fees as everybody else and they are being faced with the closure of yet more facilities on their campus. Members of staff are facing so much uncertainty about their jobs and their future at the university. 

Please sign this petition to keep the cafe and shop open and to allow Coach Lane students and staff to have the facilities that they deserve. 


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