Petition Update

Elm Place Announces Shop Will Continue as School Extracurricular

Elm Place SOS: Save our Shop Equipment Before the School Year Ends (Elm Place)
Highland Park, IL

May 29, 2012 — Elm Place Principal Schroeder has announced that “Shop” will continue as an extracurricular, in response to our request. We are very appreciative of Mr. Schroeder’s efforts to make this possible, the School District/Board’s support, and Mr. Shilkus’ commitment. The program will be available under the direction of Mr. Shilkus, in addition to the District’s new curriculum. We thank YOU who signed this petition, wrote comments, and helped make this grassroots initiative a success. We gathered over 650 signatures from students, parents & community members, past, present & future, in Highland Park, Chicago, Germany, England, California, NY, Indiana, Iowa and beyond. As you wrote, the impact of learning this craft under a gifted teacher is tremendous and we are thrilled it will continue! FYI, we attached Principal Schroeder’s letter. June 5 is the next School Board meeting, for more info. re. new programming. Again, THANK YOU. You have made a difference. Have a great summer!