NSSD 112 schools need metal detectors now

NSSD 112 schools need metal detectors now

July 13, 2022
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Started by Ashbey Beasley

Parents of NSSD112

My name is Ashbey Beasley. I’m a mom to a incoming first grader in NSSD112. And I’m the mom with a wand.

The new school year is 5 weeks away. It is my deep concern that after the tragedy that shook our town on July 4th, families will be re-victimized when they send their children back to school if there is not proper security in place. 

I’m writing this from my hotel room in Washington DC after spending the day with our country’s lawmakers to discuss a federal ban on assault weapons. Since I’ve been here, I have been honored to spend time with some of the families from Uvalde TX who were gracious enough to share what they believe should be included in every discussion on school safety and security:

  • Maintain all maintenance records. Mr. Reyes repeatedly complained about a door not locking properly. That is the door that was used to enter Robb Elementary.
  • Install bullet proof glass at all points of entry.
  • One of the children who survived the shooting by climbing out of a window told me that we need automatic door locks and metal detectors. 

The pushback from our superintendent, Dr Lubelfeld and some board members has been that we don’t have a gun problem in Highland Park and we can’t be driven by our worst fears. But July 4th showed us that we are not immune to gun violence in Highland Park and we are living our worst fears fight now. 

Today, hundreds of moms came together to march at our nation’s Capitol to demand a federal ban on assault weapons. Let’s come together again to make sure that our kids in NSSD112 are safe and secure when they return to school in 5 weeks. 

  1. We want to know what visitors are bringing into our schools.
  2. We want bags searched, people wanded or metal detectors installed at the entrance of every school in NSSD112.
  3. We demand these changes be made and in place on the first day of the 2022/2023 school year.

We can’t and won’t settle for less. 

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Signatures: 126Next Goal: 200
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