Tell the NSPCC to stop accepting dirty money!

Tell the NSPCC to stop accepting dirty money!

25 August 2020
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Started by Protecting Palestinian Families and ICAHD UK



You do a great job for British children, but you don’t seem to care about Palestinian children. You accept millions from JCB, a company whose equipment makes life a misery for children in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, who live under a brutal military regime.

You are aware that JCB sells bulldozers to its Israeli partner, Comasco, knowing that the equipment is used to demolish the homes, schools and water sources of Palestinian children. You know that the bulldozers rip up fruit trees and animal shelters, plunging already homeless families into poverty.

You know that JCB has exhibited its wares at arms fairs. You also know that Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights have launched a formal complaint against JCB for its breach of five human rights obligations under OECD Guidelines. The UN has identified JCB as complicit in human rights violations in the West Bank, yet you refuse to sever your links with JCB.

NSPCC is risking its reputation by accepting money from JCB – please stop now!

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Accompanying information

Israel has been occupying the Palestinian West Bank since 1967. Eminent authorities, most recently the Israeli human rights organisation Yesh Din, have concluded that Israel is operating an apartheid regime.

In the Occupied Palestinian Territory, Israel demolishes Palestinian homes, uproots olive trees, destroys water pipes, wrecks agricultural structures and constructs illegal Jewish-only settlements on Palestinian land. All these actions violate the 4th Geneva Convention.

JCB is a family-owned business which sells machinery to its Israeli partner, Comasco. The JCB equipment is then used by Israeli state agencies in these destructive policies.

In February 2020 the UN identified three British companies with business ties to the illegal Israeli settlements/colonies – JCB is one of the three.

JCB has donated at least £5 million to the NSPCC for its work with British children.

Several groups have asked the NSPCC to sever its links with JCB, but the charity has repeatedly stated its intention to continue to accept this tainted money.

NSPCC is a well-respected charity devoted to the welfare of British children, but it is prepared to benefit from a company complicit in inflicting trauma, poverty and homelessness on Palestinian children.

If you agree that this is unacceptable, please sign the petition.

Issued on behalf of Protecting Palestinian Families, Stop the Demolitions and the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD UK)




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This petition had 1,810 supporters

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