Open a branch of the SPCA in Strydenburg!

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The animals in the Strydenburg Township are in desperate need daily with regards to Food, education of their owners and also dogs on chains with no proper collars and no shelter as they stay outside without kennels.  The stray cats all need to be sterilized as well.

Goats,donkeys, Horses and more are roaming the area free and have become a huge danger as they get run over weekly on the highway there not to mention trashing the home owners properties in the little town.

All the animals are also in constant need of medical care and a dip system as Ticks are a huge issue and as a result so is Billiary and Parvo virus!

The need for an SPCA branch in Strydenburg is HUGE and has now become critical, whenever anyone enquires at Kimberly SPCA all they get is it is not their area and it is too far for them to come out hence the urgency to now get Strydenburg their own SPCA Branch !

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